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دوشنبه 1 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384

Shortcuts to fluency


1. Microphone stand  پایه میکروفن  

Clothes stand  جالباسی     

Camera stand پایه دوربین   

Music stand پایه نت    


Stuck in my throatتوی گلویم گیر کرد

Dim someoneَs enthusiasmتو ذوق کسی زدن 

To get hand on something قلقش دستت بیاد


Quotation of the day:                                                


We choose to go to the moon and other things, not because  they are easy,  but because they are hard.           John F. Kennedy


Proverb of the day:


Like likes likeکبوتر با کبوتر باز با باز


Cultural point:


How to greet people for the first time  when you meet someone of your own age for the first time, you can either shake hands or simply nod your head and smile. It is unusual for British people to kiss or slap each other on the back when they first meet.


Common errors in English:                                  


There is a cinema in front of my house.

وقتی می خواهیم بگوییم چیزی روبروی چیز دیگر است، از کلمهopposite   استفاده می کنیم.(برای ساختمان ها)

If there is a cinema on the other side of the road say:

There is a cinema opposite my house

تا درس بعد بای.

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