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Shortcuts to fluency


The classroom next door:کلاس بغلی

The girl next door: دختر همسایه

The house next door:خانه بغلی


He backed out:   دبه در آورد

You look like a million dollar:  امروز خیلی شیک هستی

I am sorry from him: من به جای اون معذرت میخواهم


Quotation of the day:


Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.          Thomas Edison


Proverb of the day:


Like father like son.پسر کو ندارد نشان از پدر         تو بیگانه خوان و مخوانش پسر      


Cultural point:

If you invite someone out make the first date quite casual: maybe a drink, lunch or perhaps the cinema. If the whole thing is a mistake, at least it will not last too long.

Be prepared to pay. When you get to know the other person better, you can agree to share the bill if you are both happy about it.


Common errors in English:                                  

Despite of the problem, we managed to finish on time.

توجه : بعد از despiteهیچوقت of نمی آوریم

توجه : بعد از despiteهیچوقت of نمی آوریم

این نکته را خیلی از معلم ها هم نمی دانند


Despite the problem, we …


یا می توانیید بگویید:


In spite of the problem, we …



Bye, now.




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