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یکشنبه 12 تیر‌ماه سال 1384


از کیسه خلیفه بخشیدن

Make free/ bold with sth

Example: Your friends at the party who made so free with the drinks were not invited.


با چشم غیر مسلح

With the naked eye

Example: You should not look at the sun with the naked eye.


به امتحانش می ارزد

Give it/ sb a try

Example:  Even if you think you will not enjoy, give it a try.


وارد اصل مطلب شدن

Get down to business

Example: Well, time’s moving on; I suppose we’d better get down to business now.


مثل ساعت کار کردن

As regular as clockwork

Example: The postman comes at 8:40 in the morning as regular as clockwork.



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