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Colloquial Pairs - Advanced Level Vocabulary Quiz

سلام اینبار درسمون در مورد جمله سازیه. با توجه به کلمات داده شده، جاهای خالی را تکمیل نمایید.در ضمن برای چک کردن جوابتان میتوانید بر روی check my answer کلیک نمایید(یک جواب اضافیه). نظر هم یادتون نره.


Colloquial Pairs - Advanced Level Vocabulary Quiz

Choose the appropriate 'pair phrase' to complete the sentence.

ins and outs      clock and dagger      spick and span      up and about      ups and downs      song and dance      collar and tie      pins and needles      sick and tired      bits and bobs

1. When I called the computer company all I got was a __________________. The problem wasn't resolved.

2. She's _________________ of her boss. I think she's looking for a new job.

3. As soon as you learn the ______________ of the business, you'll be very successful.

4. I keep all the _____________ in that drawer over there.

5. Don't worry, you'll be _____________ within 10 days.

6. It's a formal dinner, very much a _____________ affair.

7. He likes to keep his house _____________.

8. Of course all marriages have their ______________, but they are worth the effort.

9. I'm sitting on ______________ about this job interview next week. I'm so nervous!



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