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سه‌شنبه 6 دی‌ماه سال 1384
Thank You Lord

سلام به همگی

امیدوارم از متن زیر لذت ببرید. با خوندن متن زیر هم یک نکته آموزشی یاد میگیرید و هم زبانتان تقویت میشود.

نظر هم یادتون نره(از صد بازدید کننده این وبلاگ، فقط یک نفر نظر میذاره. دستتون درد نکنه لطف میکنید). پس واقعا نظر یادتون نره.


Thank You Lord


One day a man saw a special dream. He saw himself at angels’ place looking at them while they were working. When he entered, he saw a large group of angels who were busy opening the recently received letters from earth, putting them in a box.

He asked:" What are you doing?"

" here goes our duty, receiving peoles’ praying and their requests from God." Said the angel.

The man went forward but he again faced a couple of angels, putting papers in envelope, and sending them to earth.

He asked" What do YOU do?"

An angel answered in a hurry: " here is the sending part; we send God’s blessing and gifts to his creatures on earth."

Going a little bit further, the man saw another angel, but this time an idle one. With lots of  surprise the man asked: " Why don’t you do something?"

He received this answer:" here is the part to which people who have reached their wantings and received answers for this prayers, should write back. But unfortunately, a few of them do.

The man asked: " How can they write back?"

The angel answered:" Very simply. It’s simple to say:" Thank You Lord."


 دست اعضای بلاگ اسکای درد نکنه. علامات گرامری در نوشته های  زبان انگلیسی بر عکس میشن. قبلا از این مشکلات نبود. از وقتی قالب رو عوض کردن اینطوری شده اگه کسی میتونه راهنمایی کنه، بگه . تا بعد بای.


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