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سلام به همگی. امروز یه سری فایل براتون گذاشتم که میتونید دانلود کنید. این فایل ها بیشتر به ادبیات مربوط میشه. راستی اگه کسی دنبال یه کتاب(انگلیسی) خاصی در رابطه با ادبیات مثلا یه کتابی از شکسپیر و... و یا بیوگرافی یکی از این چهره های ادبی و یا یه کتابی هستید که میخواهید بدونید نویسندش کیه، میتونید تو قسمت نظرات بگید تا جواب بگیرید.مثلا یه جا یه مسابقه میزارن که اگه نویسنده فلان کتاب رو گفتید، یه جایزه میگیرید(که تو موسسات آموزشی پیش میاد) میتونید اینجا بیان کنید. تا پست بعد،بای.

Aristotle's Defintion of Tragedy from The Poetics (a downloadable PDF file)

·  Beowulf and Textual Studies (an exercise showing how editorial choices affect the poetry we read, and the difficulties of creating a modern version of a medieval text)

·  Classical Literature (Greek, Roman, and Chinese classical literature, plus the Bible as literature).

·  Close Reading of Literature (click here for a downloadable pdf version of this handout)

·  Common Problems in Literature Papers (a downloadable PDF document)

·  Common Problems with Citation in Literature Papers (a downloadable PDF document)

·  Genre (TBA)

·  Greek Mythology This external link is a useful reference work. Check out the Index link in particular, for a quick way to look up mythological allusions

·  Literary Epitaphs (a page listing the epitaphs and memorials written for or by various poets, playwrights, performers, and writers)

·  Literary Terms: An evergrowing alphabetical list of literary vocabulary with definitions and examples

·  Medieval Resources

·  Milton's Paradise Lost Overview (PDF file)

·  Paraphrasing vs. Summarizing (PDF file)

·  Periods of Literary History (downloadable PDF file listing briefly each major period of literature)

·  Plagiarism Statement

·  Proofreading Marks (PDF file listing the marks and abbreviations I use while grading papers. This file may not be particularly legible on a computer screen, but if you print it out it should be perfectly legible).

·  Poetry Resources

·  Rites of Passage in Comedy (PDF file discussing anthropological rites of passage and their connection to comic literature)

·  Renaissance Resources

·  Schemes and Tropes (PDF file listing these rhetorical devices)

·  Shakespeare Resources (hotlist, bibliographies, study questions, and more!)

·  Some Thoughts About Tragedy (PDF file)

·  Sonnets: An Introduction (PDF file)

·  "Spring and Fall: To A Young Child" (poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins as a close-reading exercise)

·  Study Sheet (Download this file and make copies. Fill one out for each reading to prepare you for the examinations.)

·  Suggested Readings on Drama for English 102 Students (PDF file)

·  Survival Tips in This Class

·  Traditional Literary Studies Versus Literary Theory: A Comparison: (PDF file)

·  Tragedy and Comedy: A Comparison (PDF file)

·  Useful Links (on-line dictionaries, news, resources)

·  Ways to Approach a Literary Text (PDF file)

·  What is Enlightenment? (PDF file)


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