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با سلام. امروز با یه سری اصطلاح آشنا میشیم که با حرف D شروع میشوند. بعضی از این اصطلاح ها رو نتونستم معادلشونو پیدا کنم ولی یادگیریشون خیلی راحته. باید بدونید این اصطلاخات، اصطلاحاتی هستن که به کار برده میشوند و این دلیل نمیشه که چون معادلی در زبان فارسی ندارن، یادگیریشون فایده ای ندارن.


دزدی تو روز روشن               Daylight robbery

If you are overcharged or underpaid, it is a daylight robbery; open, unfair and hard to prevent. Rip-off has a similar meaning.


Dear John letter                       نامه ای متضاد نامه فدایت شوم که به فارسی معادلی براش نداریم

A letter written by a partner explaining why they are ending the relationship is a Dear John letter.


Devil finds work for idle hands  شیطون آدم رو گول میزنه

When people say that the devil finds work for idle hands, they mean that if people don't have anything to do with their time, they are more likely to get involved in trouble and criminality.


Do their dirty works      کثافت کاری کردن

Someone who does someone's dirty work, carries out the unpleasant jobs that the first person doesn't want to do. Someone who seems to enjoy doing this is sometimes known as a 'henchman'.


Don't judge a book by the cover    زود قضاوت نکن

This idiom means that you should not judge something or someone by appearances, but should look deeper at what is inside and more important.


Don't wash your dirty laundry in public

(UK) People, especially couples, who argue in front of others or involve others in their personal problems and crises, are said to be washing their dirty laundry in public; making public things that are best left private. (In American English, 'don't air your dirty laundry in public' is used.)


Do a runner

(UK) If people leave a restaurant without paying, they do a runner.



Done to death

If a joke or story has been done to death, it has been told so often that it has stopped being funny.


Dressed to the nines

If you are in your very best clothes, you're dressed to the nines.


Drink like a fish

If someone drinks like a fish, they drink far too much alcohol.


Dutch uncle

A Dutch uncle is a person who gives unwelcome advice.


Dog days

Dog days are very hot summer days.


Dog tired

If you are dog tired, you are exhausted.



Dog's dinner

Something that is a dog's dinner is a real mess.



If a book is dog-eared, it is in bad condition, with torn pages, etc.


Dog's life    زندگی سگی

If some has a dog's life, they have a very unfortunate and wretched life.


نتیجه میگیریم که کلمه DOG شدت کار را زیاد میکند و معمولا به صورت منفی میباشد.


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