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History of Chopsticks

Chinese use chopsticks and Westerners use knives and fork- for main dishes. That is the difference between the two cultures when it comes to eating. This inevitably means that large piece of meat like steak, fish and poultry are not possible at the Chinese table since using chopsticks to pick up massive amounts of food is not feasible. Most dishes are therefore made up of mouth sized pieces which are taken up by chopsticks and transferred to the mouth. For example, rice shaped like an oval small piece is easy to pick up with chopsticks. Chinese people were taught to use chopsticks long before spoons and forks were invented in Europe. Chopsticks were strongly advocated by the great Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC). Chinese food require greater delicacy when eaten with chopsticks, because the diner is forced to eat smaller portions at a time and also more slowly, therefore savoring the food more completely.

Also, unlike the spoon, fork, and knife, chopsticks convey the hand a sense of tactile rapport with the food. Therefore, it's very true to say that Chinese dining experience involves all the senses! There are different styles of chopsticks. The Chinese variety is blunt on the eating end, while the Japanese prefer those with pointed tips. There are even short lengths for children for use. The most common chopsticks are made of wood or bamboo but there are chopsticks made from ivory, silver, plastic and even jade as well. For daily use, wood, bamboo, or ivory is best.




There are two important things to remember for effective use of chopsticks. One is that the two lower ends must be even, that is, one must not protrude over the other. The other condition is that the two chopsticks must be in the same place. Place the first (lower) chopstick in the base of the thumb and index finger and rest its lower end below on the ring finger as shown. This chopstick remains fixed

Hold the other (upper) chopstick between the tips of the index and middle fingers, steady its upper half against the base of the index finger, and use the tips of the thumb to keep it in place. To pick up food, move the upper chopstick with index and middle fingers With a little practice, you will be able to use chopsticks with ease

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