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Commonly confused verbs

.:Commonly confused verbs:.

Tick the correct sentence in each pair.

1 a My friends asked me to come to the cinema with them.
   b My friends asked me to go to the cinema with them.
2 a I lived in Nice for two weeks last summer.
   b I stayed in Nice for two weeks last summer.


Come or go?
We use come to talk about moving towards the person who is speaking or the place they are talking about. We use go to talk about moving from one place to another. We often say come I go back to mean return and we always say come here and go there:
I"m having a lovely time here in Cambridge, so I hope to come back one day.
I can"t find my purse, so I"m going to go back to the cinema.

Live or stay?
We use live when we talk about our home. We use stay when we talk about being somewhere as a visitor or a guest, often for a short time. We also use stay to talk about continuing to be at a place without going away:
I live with my parents. We"re going to stay in a hotel while our flat is being decorated.
The disco was great, so we decidied to stay there all evening.

Bring or take?
We use bring when we come to a place with something (or someone) and take when we go to a place with something (or someone):
When I come to your party, I"ll bring a cake. But if I go to Suzy"s party, I won"t take one.


to be continued...

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