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جمعه 5 فروردین‌ماه سال 1384

Inversion of the verb:


به جملات خیلی مهم زیر توجه کنید و جملات را به طور دقیق بررسی نمایید. (هر دو حالت درست است)

 خیلی از زبان آموزان (nearly 80%) در به کار بردن این ها مشکل دارند.امیدوارم که با خواندن این جملات مشکل به طور کل حل شود.

I had never before been asked to accept a bribe.

Never before had I been asked to accept a bribe.


They not only rob you, they smash every thing too.

Not only do they rob you, they smash every thing too.

خیلی ها در به کار بردن  not onlyدر جملات مشکل دارند(حتی کسانی که در ترمهای پیشرفته مشغول به فراگیری زبان انگلیسی هستند) پس سعی کنید با تکرار در به کار بردن صحیح آنها، آنها را به نحو عالی یاد بگیرید.

He did not realize that he had lost it till he got home.

Not till he got home did he realize that he had lost it.

در مثال بالا ممکن است به جای  till از                     until

استفاده شود

This switch must not be touched on any account.

On no account must this switch be touched.


He was able to make himself heard only by shouting.

Only by shouting was he able to make himself heard.


He became so suspicious that …

So suspicious did he become that … 


Quotation of the day:                 گفته روز:

Our greatest glory is not in never falling…

but in rising every time we fall.                    Confucius


Proverb of the day:                     ضرب المثل روز:


There are too many slip betwixt the up and the lip.از این ستون به اون ستون فرجه     


Cultural notes:                            نکته های فرهنگی:

In most countries, many Americans prefer to use smaller bills such as tens or twenties. Hundred dollar bill are more difficult to cash in small stores, restaurants, and service stations.

One pleasant money costume is the “penny cup.” At many shops and restaurants – usually the smaller ones – there may be a small cup next to the cash register. People who have a few extra pennies may add them to the cup, and people who do not have correct change and need a penny may take one.

It is a good idea to carry one or more credit cards. Americans rely heavily on credit cards for their purchases. While checks are also used extensively, it is unlikely that you will be able to use personal checks drawn on a foreign bank while in the U.S.

  Common errors in English:                         اشتباه های رایج در انگلیسی:          


I have good relations with my father.

In politics, countries can have good relations with each other. With family and friends you have a good/ bad relationship.

 I have a good relationship with my father.



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