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دوشنبه 20 خرداد‌ماه سال 1387
say what is in your heart

هر چه می خواهد دل تنگت بگو

A: I don't know how to say.
B: say what is in your heart.
الف: نمی دونم چجوری بگم
هر چه می خواهد دل تنگت بگو

An ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit


An ounce of prevention (is worth a pound of cure)

(یک ذره پیشگیری بهتر از یک عالمه درمان است)


Prevention is better than cure


پیشگیری شرط عقل


used to say that it is better to prevent a problem before it happens than to try to solve it after it has happened



کار از محکم کاری عیب نمی کند
better safe than sorry
دیر رسیدن بهتر از هرگز نرسیدن است


used to say that it is better to be careful, even if this takes time, effort etc, than take a risk that may have a bad result.


- Set the alarm clock - better safe than sorry!

ساعت را کوک کن کار از محکم کاری عیب نمی کند.


Read between the lines


Definition: To pay attention to what is implied in writing or in speech.
to find hidden meanings.
معنای پنهان یا ژرف چیزی را درک کردن
to guess someone's real feelings from something they say or write, when they do not tell you directly.
حدس زدن منظور کسی، متوجه شدن، فهمیدن منظور کسی


- If you read between the lines, this letter is really a request for money.
اگه درست متوجه شده باشی این نامه یک درخواست  برای پول

- If you read between the lines, you would have understood what he was implying.
Read between the lines

- Steve isn’t very good at reading between the lines. You have to tell him exactly what you want.
دوزاریه استیو کج. قشنگ باید منظورت را بهش توضیح بدی

- Martha can read between the lines very well. She picks up on everything.

A short conversation with
Read between the lines

A: "Did you read chapter three for our English class?"
B: "Yeah. I think the author was indicating that he was supporting the war."
A: "Even though he said one thing, he meant another. You have to read between the lines to fully understand his stance."
B: "That might be true. I should go read it again."

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